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Unveiling DEMPSEY HILL The all new retail and lifestyle destination for those who know how to live it up.

Formerly known as the British army barracks and the old CMPB national service enlistment centre, where charming conservation buildings still stand proudly.

Hot enough for you to let down your hair on a Friday night out. Cool enough to saunter in with the family for Sunday brunch. Dine and savour fine wine in a private cellar or at your favourite gourmet restaurant. Take your pick from  exqusite antique furniture, fine teak works, handcrafted carpets and exotic art pieces sourced globally. Whistling trees and balmy breeze are just the perfect antidote for claustrophobic souls and little hyperactive legs. 

Let the lush greenery and old world charm of Dempsey Hill captivate you once again.

We call this - paradise found.